AAPHD Foundation

Securing the Future of Dental Public Health

The AAPHD Foundation, the charitable arm of the AAPHD, provides support for dental public health education and research. The AAPHD Foundation helps to ensure the future viability of the Dental Public Health Specialty by investing in the next generation of DPH leaders. The AAPHD Foundation through AAPHD is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible.


The AAPHD Foundation's mission is to advance the objectives of the American Association of Public Health Dentistry and the specialty of Dental Public Health. The AAPHD Foundation offers the only national foundation that supports professional education, development, policy, and research in Dental Public Health.

History of the Foundation

Begun in 1997, the AAPHD Foundation was founded by Helen and Joe Doherty (AAPHD Past President 1987). The Foundation was promoted by Dr. Doherty through a challenge to the members to pledge $1,000 over 5 years to endow a Foundation that would expand the  knowledge base of dental public health by supporting research and studies in the field of dental public, to grant scholarships to dental public health professionals seeking advanced degrees in dental public health, to promote activities to increase professional competency in the practice of dental public health and to increase the public's knowledge of the importance of oral health.

How Does the Foundation Work?

The AAPHD Foundation is part of a 501(c)(3) organization AAPHD, and has developed dedicated programs that support education and research that further the dental public health profession.

Detailed information on each fund

  • Herschel S. Horowitz ScholarshipTraining of Dental Public Health Specialists 
  • Helen Doherty Student Chapter FundSupports dental and dental hygiene AAPHD Student Chapters to expand the dental public health workforce pipeline
  • Lotzkar FundAdvance the mission of the ADA-recognized Dental Specialty Certifying Board, the American Board of Dental Public Health (ABDPH)
  • Small GrantsEncourages education and research to advance the science of Dental Public Health
  • General FundSupports advocacy, education, and research in Dental Public Health

To Make a Contribution to the Foundation, please click on the link AAPHD Foundation Contribution

The Founding members of the AAPHD Foundation are listed below

Howard Lee Yarbough & 
Emery Joseph Alderman 
J. Michael Allen 
Myron Allukian 
Kathy Atchison 
Robert Bagramian 
Elizabeth Bernhard 
Ron Billings 
Irene Bober-Moken 
Brian A. Burt 
Robert Collins 
Georgia dela Cruz 
Joe & Helen Doherty 
Terri Dolan 
Chester Douglass 
Robert Dumbaugh 
Caswell A. Evans 
Denise Fedele 
Janie Fuller 
Steve Geiermann 
Barbara Gooch 
Harry Goodman 
Ralph Green 
Veronica Greene 
Kathy Hayes 
Lawrence Hill 
Irene Hilton 
Alice & Hersh Horowitz 
Elvine Y. Jin 
Robert M. Johnson 
Donald W. Johnson 
Rhys Jones 
David & Candace Jones 
Judith Jones 
Linda Kaste 
Rebecca King 
Dushanka Kleinman 
Raymond Kuthy 
Steven Levy 
Gene P. Lewis 
William Maas 
John D. Mahilo 
Dolores M. Malvitz 
H. Berton McCauley 
Steven Uranga McKane 
Hermine McLeran 
Robert Mecklenburg 
Nicholas Mosca 
Linda Niessen 
Sharon J. Perlman 
Scott M. Presson 
Gary Rozier 
Mary Tavares 
George Taylor 
Scott Tomar 
Jeanine Tucker 
Jane Weintraub 
Robert Weyant 
Alex White