American Institute of Dental Public Health (AIDPH) annual colloquium

“Precision Health and Future of Dental Public Health.”


The American Institute of Dental Public Health (AIDPH) recently convened the annual colloquium with the theme, “Precision Health and Future of Dental Public Health.” Approximately 70 dental and health professionals attended the one-and-a-half-day meeting in San Antonio, TX to explore applications of precision health in dentistry and, specifically, dental public health. Speakers presented research and educational initiatives surrounding precision public health and opportunities for integration into dental public health. Panels and group discussions interwoven throughout the conference allowed for shared ideas and networking.

Following the welcome, Ms. Sarah Meyer discussed the current and future landscape of precision public health. Dr. Stuart Gansky presented applications of precision public health to reduce oral health inequities. Dr. Harold Slavkin delivered the keynote presentation, “From High Definition Precision Healthcare to Precision Public Health: Challenges and Opportunities.” Dr. Kimon Divaris shared his work on early childhood oral health in a precision health cohort. Dr. Jeffrey Ebersole described the use of biologic diagnostics for precision oral health. On the second day, Dr. Joseph Finkelstein described the interaction of big data with learning health systems to promote precision health. Dr. Jennifer Below described her research on big data and phenotyping to power risk factor discovery in precision health, sharing examples of the intersection of oral health and precision health. Ms. Debra Duquette presented previous work in genomics surveillance and current work on genetic counseling in public health settings. Dr. Michael Glick closed the conference with information on the FDI World Dental Federation deliberations on an oral health definition. Recordings of all presentations will be available on the AIDPH website ( A summary of the colloquium will be released later this month. You can also view presentations and recordings on the AIDPH website from last year’s colloquium, “Dental Public Health Informatics: Opportunities in a Changing Environment.”

The mission of AIDPH is to lead the advancement of dental public health through science and education. In partnership with AAPHD, the Institute promotes public health scholarship to dental public health practitioners, advanced education students, residents, and dental public health residents through themed annual colloquia focused on emerging topics. These colloquia are designed to encourage forward-thinking and interactive discussion in an interprofessional environment.