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Dental Public Health Workforce Task Force

Draft Minutes of the 9/23/09 conference call
Present: Reg Louie, Don Marianos, Steve Steed, Chris Wood and Steve Geiermann

Items discussed:

At the 2009 ADA Annual Session, the leadership of AAPHD and ADA will meet for the third consecutive year to further collaboration between the public and private aspects of the dental public health infrastructure. The draft agenda was reviewed with discussion areas including:

Outcomes of DPH Summit in St. Louis (August 2009)
Changes to definition of dental public health
New model for residency programs
Seeking funding for MPH and DPH residency
Engaging students in DPH
AAPHD student chapters
Collaborating with ASDA to increase awareness of DPH
Effect of expanding number of dental schools
Who are AAPHD delegates at HOD?
Health Care Reform and advocacy collaboration
ADA position
AAPHD position
Strategies to increase DPH membership within ADA
ADA participation at NOHC and AAPHD participation at ADA Annual Session
Exchange of member lists

 It was noted that all of the action steps agreed to at the 2008 meeting were accomplished. This continues to be a significant gathering, but where are other DPH partners, such as ASTDD and ABDPH. The CAPIR Public Health Advisory Committee has already reviewed the health reform stance of the ADA, AAPHD and ASTDD noting the areas of common ground.

In August 2009, AAPHD convened "the Summit on the Future of the Specialty of Dental Public Health" in St. Louis with approximately 40 invitees. Comments included:
This was a good opportunity to take a "high" overview of the DPH specialty, which should provide additional insight into the upcoming recertification of the specialty.
There was good discussion within the small, self-selected breakout groups, but little opportunity to speak to the specific issues to all participants.
Unclear as to whether the DPH residency directors were engaged in the discussion.
Proceedings of the Summit are forthcoming.  No clear directives or next steps as yet.
AAPHD is clearly stepping up to the leadership role in this area!

In late July, the ASTDD Leadership Development committee met to discuss, among other things, state oral health program (SOHP) competencies. At the National Oral Health Conference in discussion with the American Board of Dental Public Health, it was suggested that the current and/or revised DPH competencies and these SOHP competencies be closely aligned in order to be most advantageous to all parties. These SOHP competencies were released on 9/23/09.
The matrix for the revised ASTDD Guidelines has been aligned with these competencies.
The competencies have been shared with the Council of Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations and significant ADA leaders as they have relevance for the private sector as well as the public.
Suggested that the competencies be shared with each DPH residency program director.
It was suggested the executive directors of state dental societies participate in the 2011 National Oral Health Leadership Institute, along with their corresponding state oral health director and state Medicaid dental director. The competencies could be used as the framework for this program.

In late August, the ADA's Public Health Advisory Committee met to provide guidance to the Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations and to bring pertinent DPH items to the attention of the American Dental Association.

The role of the DPH Workforce Task Force has been to encourage transparency, coordination and communication between all the parties looking to enhance the DPH infrastructure. Distinct stakeholders are working in multiple areas, sometimes alone and other times with partners. It is not always evident that there is alignment of effort. Where is the commonality and where are the disagreements? Someone needs to devise a matrix that captures the work being done and shares it with others. The Task Force could start the matrix, develop a framework and then seek others to fill in the gaps. This could be shared and updated on a regular basis.


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