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The Herschel S. Horowitz Scholarship

Herschel S. Horowitz

Training of Dental Public Health Specialists

Herschel S. Horowitz, DDS, MPH was an internationally known dental epidemiologist, educator and public health advocate whose work focused on the prevention of tooth decay, the most common disease of childhood. Studies he and colleagues conducted provided the evidence for the efficacy and effectiveness of community and school-based fluoride and dental sealant programs now used in the US and abroad to prevent this disease. His research was aimed at identifying measures that were not only safe and effective but that also were easy to apply, low in cost and acceptable to the public. His goal was to identify programs that benefit those most in need and that reach the largest number of individuals.

Dr. Horowitz was a leader in dental public health and left us with a wonderful legacy. To build on this legacy Alice Horowitz and her family have worked with the AAPHD Foundation to establish an annual scholarship to a dentist, entering the discipline of public health through a masters level degree program in public health. The scholarship pays for tuition and other expenses and is awarded in the amount of $10,000 per recipient.

Those selected for a scholarship are urged to 'pay back' the funding by completing a residency program in dental public health, taking the Board of Dental Public Health and engaging in the disciple of dental public health.

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The next deadline for applicatons is December 2015.

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